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Download Our Ring Size Conversion Chart

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We happily take orders for our rings in both the Australian/UK (alphabet) and American/Canadian (numerical) ring size systems but you might still be interested in how the international systems work.

Have you measured the internal diameter of a ring and now you want to find your ring size? Or would you like to convert an American ring size to Australian or British? 

Both are straightforward to do with our ring size conversion chart.

How to Find Your Ring Size

If you don't yet already know how, you can read our guide to learn how to find your ring size. Once you have your measurement, you might need to convert it to another system. 

International ring size conversion chart | Rebecca Cordingley Jewellery

Internal Measurements

If you know the internal diameter or internal circumference of your ring in millimetres, you just need to find the size that's closest to your measurement.

If your size falls between two sizes on our chart, we recommend choosing the larger size rather than the smaller one, unless it is much closer to the smaller size. Our fingers change size throughout the day and in different weather conditions and a tight ring can be very uncomfortable.

Converting Ring Sizes

If you already know your ring size in one sizing system and want to convert it to the other, you simply need to find your size and scroll across.

Click here to download and print out our


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about how to find your ring size.

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