What are spinner rings? Our guide to this popular style

What are spinner rings? Our guide to this popular style

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I mentioned spinner rings to a customer recently and she said "What are spinner rings?". So it's time for an explanation. Spinner rings, also known as anxiety rings, fidget rings or meditation rings, are a unique and captivating type of jewellery with a very satisfying spinning motion. If you wear other rings, you've probably found yourself idly turning them on your finger. Spinner rings are specifically made with this habit in mind.

They typically feature at least one outer band that spins around an inner band. They're a popular choice among jewellery enthusiasts and anyone looking for a little extra distraction or entertainment.

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Anxiety Ring

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Anxiety Ring


AĀ beautiful sterling silver and amethyst anxiety ring. This ring has 2 narrow silver rings that spin freely around the wider base ring. One ofĀ the spinner ringsĀ is bezel set with a lovely 4mm amethyst cabochon. The ring shown in the photos… read more

Why are they also called anxiety rings?

Spinner rings have recently become very popular amongst people with anxiety as a way to ease nerves and anxiety. We make no medical claims about the ability of spinner rings to help anxiety but we have heard from customers that the soothing motion of spinning the outer rings has helped calm their anxiety in public.

Floral Sterling Silver Spinner Ring

Floral Sterling Silver Spinner Ring


This sterling silver spinner ring with aĀ floral patternĀ has been popular as both an affordable wedding ring and a piece of everyday jewellery.Ā It has 2 spinningĀ rings: a 3mm wide sterling silver ring with aĀ floral pattern and oxidised finish a 2mm wide… read more

How are our spinner rings made?

Our spinner rings typically have a base ring made from solid sterling silver (.925). Sterling silver is a popular choice for jewellery because it's affordable and has a beautiful, shiny finish. Some of our spinner rings also feature solid gold spinning bands, which can add a touch of luxury and elegance to the ring.

The outer spinning bands on spinner rings can also be set with gemstones such as amethysts, peridots, carnelians, citrines, sapphires, etc... which can add a touch of colour and sparkle to the ring. These gemstones can be a beautiful and meaningful addition to a ring, whether they are chosen to represent a birthstone or to simply add a bit of colour. If you can't see the gemstone you're interested in on our website, please feel free to contact us for a custom order. Not all gemstones will be possible but we will do our best!

What Are the Benefits of Wearing a Spinner Ring?

Spinner rings are a great way to keep your hands busy, and can be a fun and satisfying distraction from everyday tasks. They will keep your hands busy whether you're in a meeting, on a long car ride or just sitting with friends.

Another benefit of spinner rings is that they are discreet and subtle. Unlike other fidgeting toys, such as stress balls or fidget spinners, spinner rings can be worn discreetly on the finger, allowing you to fidget without drawing attention to yourself.

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